She’s Watching Me

It’s Sunday morning, and I’m shaving for church.  My daughter sits on the counter watching me.  I show her the shaver and how it doesn’t cut skin, just the whiskers.  She tries it herself.  I enjoy this special moment as she watches me with such curious eyes.  I smile.

Today she’s watching me shave.

Tomorrow she’ll be watching to see if I’m honest, a hypocrite, loving, sincere – safe.

Whether we both realize it or not, she’s always watching.


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One response to “She’s Watching Me

  1. Dan

    Yes, and unfortunately kids often see us at our worst when we can’t hide from our failings, and we “slip and fall”. So how honest and humble will you be about how you fall short? I think most kids appreciate that honesty as time goes on. Is it a good model?

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