Beautiful People

Even beautiful people are insecure about how they look.

I was at a café with some friends once when two attractive young women came in and stood in line behind us.  As they were talking, I overheard one of them say how she wished her hair looked like one of the other young women in the restaurant. Yet, she was beautiful herself.  How could she wish she looked like someone else? It was then that it occurred to me that none of us are really happy with how we are.  In some way, however small it may be, we wish something was different about us, even beautiful people.

So, why would I worry about looking different if everyone else is thinking the same thing? They don’t care about how I look, only how they look.

Not one person on the magazine covers we see at the grocery store actually looks like that.  And, if we really knew, many of the people we hold so dear for their good looks aren’t happy with themselves anyway.  So, why would I want to look like them and why give any more energy to it? Apparently, if I looked like them, I wouldn’t be happy anyway.


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