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Tell Them

Photo by Colby

I didn’t know I was a writer.  I didn’t know I was a speaker.  I didn’t know I was a leader.  I didn’t know these things about myself until someone else told me and someone else believed in me.  Then, I tried to believe them myself.

It’s easier for me to doubt.  It’s tougher to believe.

If asked, I might have been able to tell you I thought those things were in me somewhere, but what would I do with them.

It seems others around us see things we don’t see in ourselves and believe in us more than we believe in ourselves.  When you see it and believe it in someone you know, risk telling them.

A thirsty plant only needs a little water to blossom.  Imagine what might become if you “watered” those around you that might be greater than they know.


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